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Andre Gray charged with misconduct by FA over homophobic tweets from 2012
Gray has since apologised for the tweets written in 2012 when Gray played for non-league Hinckley United. One of them read: “Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #Makesmesick.” That tweet, and others containing similar terms, were deleted on Saturday, soon after they started re-circulating online.The former Barcelona boss, who replaced Manuel Pellegrini earlier this summer, has no doubt the 28-year-old will continue to be among the most prolific strikers in Europe, but believes the Argentina international can add an extra dimension to his game by working harder when he’s not in possession.“I was at a very different point in my life back then – one that I’ve worked hard to move on from … I have experienced a lot over the past four years and have had to take responsibility for a number of things in my life which has enabled me to mature and grow as a person.” Gray's tweets from 2012 Gray's tweets from 2012 were shared across social media on the... (more)

FA charge Burnley star Andre Gray with misconduct for homophobic tweets from ...
Fonte's arrival at Old Trafford would surely signal the end for one or both of Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones, at least in the short-term. Eric Bailly and Daley Blind have impressed at the season's embryonic stage, while Chris Smalling and Fonte are some competition.Messi, whose contract at the Balaugrana expires in 2018, has expressed an interest to return to his homeland’s football league in the past, specifically stating Newell's would be his top choice. There have been recent concerns of a possible Messi exit from the La Liga after his tax fraud charges in Spain.Right-back has been something of a problem position for the club, and it is anticipated by most that De Laet will replace Alan Hutton as the club's first-choice player on the right-hand side of defence. Andre Gray charged by FA The FA today charged Andre Gray for comments made on social media in 2012."Imagine a game with Messi in the Coloso [Estadio Marcelo Bielsa], with the press around the world, the sponsors who... (more)

Angela's Blog
Can speak
Yong Wang Can listening to the words, her face changed, bass about to stand up. Yong stood respectfully before the body, looked Yong Wang Can a heart, Trespa turns, Yong also just smiling, how suddenly fell out. "Master, the tea!" In this case,Airport pick up service Shanghai Fuchu attendants carrying brew good tea on the small table next to Wang Can, then respectfully back out. Seeing Wang Can, mind flashed Emmanuel, suddenly become clear up. If Yong angry, not let into the Cai Wang Can House, but will not let the attendants to Wang Can tea nor previously still warm and Wang Can speak, and then asked Wang Can change the face of things. Yong such a practice, the test should be kept in mind school. Wang Can things figured outPudong Airport transfer, dark clouds enveloped the hearts suddenly open to dissipate, his face still with a trace of calm smile. Seeing Yong, snorted, Shen surface water, shouted: "? The king first, it really as the old lady said, you climb to Cai... (more)

Wizbanger Times
Wizbanger Times-
August 21

Hi everyone! Trying a new font this time... it's called "Special Elite." :-) Anyway, this week is all the same old stuff... enjoy! SECTION A A Perfect day at Pollock Pool On Monday, the Wisniewski's and the Berken's, (minus the dad's, who were at work) had a fun afternoon at Pollock Pool! With a diving board, slides, and lazy river, it was the perfect recipe for a wide age range, and we had all kinds of fun! Claire, Mark, and Isaac all passed the swim test and therefore had access to the shoot slide and diving board, both of which were very enjoyable. Please Comment: Have you ever been to a waterpark? What do you prefer, indoor or outdoor? Brilliant Brillion On Friday night, as a "welcome back" to Grandma and Grandpa Wisniewski, who just returned from vacation in Germany and Poland, we traveled to the Triple J fish fry in Brillion! The fish was amazing, and so were the fun drinks, like a Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers that were drunk by Claire and Mark,... (more)

JuLiCaR's BLoG
Long time...
Hello. It has been 6 years the last time I have posted something. A lot of things changed. The world has changed a lot. I have changed as well. They say the only constant thing in this world is change. That is true. We may all want to change for the better. Trust me, if you do good things to others or even to yourself, one day you will reap what you sow :)

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